Martial arts training, street fighting

Weight training for martial arts, street fighting, fitness and for getting a good physique is always fit and in a completely “natural” way

  • Some technical details about rest and repetition times
  • Workout to “maximize” muscle mass and to define
  • Differences between “winter” and “pre-summer” training


Many natural bodybuilders want to learn to defend themselves and / or protect their loved ones from possible aggression, which, unfortunately, can occur on the street for various reasons: from robbery to “pure violence” as an end in itself. Weight always helps both to develop strength and increase muscle mass, which is also useful for “softening” the blows of opponents.

Other analogies bring the NATURAL AMATEUR bodybuilder closer to the STREETS OF FIGHT, deviating the type of training and mentality from the martial arts agonist and the “extreme” bodybuilder.

Those who train the “amateur” want a good, healthy and strong physique, wanting to get in good PHYSICAL FORM, as much as possible, ALL YEAR. A street fighter must stay fit all year round! He will never know when, where and when he will have to resort to the art of self-defense. The competitive “martialist” has a precise date on which he must reach the top of the form, just like the “professional” bodybuilder.

Therefore, agonists have a date to do their best, perhaps even with the help of banned and highly harmful alloying substances. – hobbyists with no exact date or deadline, but having a practical life in which learning is not among their priorities, will look for a better definition in the pre-summer months mass (less definite) in the winter months.

Thus, it is now clear that the mentality of the “competitive spirit” compiler is calibrated to produce this type of results, acting in a completely different way from the system to which NATURAL AMATORIALE should be applied.
REAL NATURAL compilers are actually trained still few : in fact, PROPER LEARNING requires a broad knowledge of physiology, endocrinology, biotypology-morphology and constant renewal of natural supplements.

When working on OPTIMIZING HORMONIC ENDOGEN, “NATURAL preparation” represents the maximum of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY APPLIED 360 °!

Using harmful doping substances, even mistakenly or not optimizing training, nutrition, etc., from the results (PAID, HOWEVER, PAY HIGH PRICE), you still get; This is why the natural trainers who come from our courses are so seasoned and prepared.

– Being a coach for a PERSONAL TRAINER is a job and a “mission”. –

There is a very short introduction to the technical advice for NATURAL and STREET.

Learning for a specific purpose requires special additions
Assuming that the year is basically divided into 2 main stages, in order to obtain maximum results in the shortest possible time, it is also necessary to program targeted and specific nutrition and integration, in advance, so that nothing is left to chance case. Each supplement must be well known and it must know what it contains.
At this stage, it is necessary that the integration plan be set up by a trusted expert who must have a formal and specific scientific qualification in this sector, namely:


If in any doubt, ALSO consult with the manufacturer of the tested dietary supplement. This, if really serious, will collaborate to conduct information and research with a DOC specialist and researcher OFFICIALLY qualified in the field of nutritional supplementation, of course, not only equipped with the simple “short degree” that has attracted many young people lately, perhaps thinking about the opportunity to learn less, the degree is not awarded!
Moreover, without any persistence, a quality company will immediately be ready to provide you with certificates of the purity of the raw materials used in its products.
If the certificates are not immediately available or the “experts” are with them there are no high-level scientific programs (which you must request to be able to evaluate well), it may be better to go elsewhere.

For MASSA, in addition to classic supplements, we recommend:

  • ribose
  • Amino acid cocktail (not only BCAAs) with glutamine peptide, glycine, taurine, ocg, arginine, cysteine, L-acetylcarnitine

all in an effective relationship for anti-catabolism and stimulation-optimization of natural physiological muscle anabolism.

There should be enough calories to build, but not to gain weight (in which case the physician should specialize in “personalized natural integration”).
Insufficient protein stores blocking maximum capacity optimization. body for synthesizing new MUSCLE.

– So why put in so much effort to fail in ignorance? –

To DETERMINE and effectively promote the reduction of unnecessary plant fat, or rather their extracted phyto, are very effective:

  • Coleus Foscoly
  • Commiphora Mukul
  • Rhodiola rosea (if called rosavin or doesn’t work)
  • medicinal ginger
  • Gymnema Sylvestris

and other more “stimulating” types such as:

  • Guarana
  • Fucus
  • Citrus
  • aurantium
  • Green tea

and others.

By combining chitosan oligosaccharide-ascorbate (this is not old chitosan) with the phytoextracts mentioned above, a synergistic and crusader action is achieved for healthy advancement. and naturally, effective aid in fat loss with a controlled, but not drastic / stressful diet.

IMPERATIVE while reducing excess fat, you can not DISTURB the body with unbalanced and excessively bad diets (which contribute to the so-called “hunger effect”, which, among various psychophysical disorders, it also helps to slow down the metabolism with relative “blocks” in the loss of excess weight) .

– A sense of well-being and performance helps to “lose weight well and healthy” –

Seeking medical advice for diet and advice is very important. If your physician does not receive an update on the latest phytoextracts and / or latest generation supplements, we would be happy to invite him to the next MASTER update on Natural Healthy Integration hosted by RESEARCH PSYCOPHYSIOLOGIST – DR. A. GELLI “and employees. MASTERS, aimed at physicians, pharmacists, industry professionals, are held at academies, university centers, etc. by university professors and researchers.

Once these brief notes are completed (more on other articles), it will become clearer how much success depends on applying a few simple strategies that should however be known.


Changing the rest time between series. Different run times for running a series
Those who belong to “III level” or “III advanced level” (our training system is based on 4 levels of progress), can periodically try, if they have the character of an experimenter, to reduce the rest time between series, for example, from 3 up to 1 minute.

Physiological differences in this action are useful when working to get better results in the medium term or to change the type of stimulus if it is introduced into the “adaptive stall.” However, reduced rest is not ideal for learning (for example) in CHEST PRESS where white and intermediate fibers are used.
An empirical-experimental experiment performed on natural UNDOCATED items showed me how others suitable for “white” bibs (except for more “red” bibs) should not fall below 3 minutes ( with small series and repetitions).
A completely different speech – an attempt at different times to perform a repetition; always for white fibers, I already recommended a time of 2-4 seconds, sometimes you can try 1-5 seconds instead: 1 second of concentric phase (versus gravity), 5 seconds of eccentric phase, that is, counteracting the return caused by gravity. The extended eccentric phase appears to maintain those muscle “micro-tears” that represent an important stimulus parameter for overcompensation, a phenomenon that leads to an increase in the more “strong” type of muscle.

The workout described above differs from the “pumping” effect typical of capillarization training, when the muscle swells, but momentarily the desired effect when you want to get results quickly; higher pumping results can be obtained even after 2-3 months if you already have training experience, but for work or otherwise you had to completely abandon training.

– One system is no better than the other: it depends on what we need at the moment, as well as on what time of year we are. –

Winter and pre-summer training: training for mass and muscle to determine quality

I have already introduced some of the differences between two basically opposite types of learning:

  • several series, for example, 2 per exercise, and 2-3 exercises for 1 muscle group, containing primarily white and intermediate fibers, such as the favorite pectoral muscles (center), doing 7-8 reps. It is a basic system for muscle development with a higher percentage of white fibers.
  • PUMPING style training (many sets and repetitions) destroys muscle with a predominance of white fiber!

The following systems and conditions have been added to the BASIC system, corrected for white fibers to increase the intensity and natural “anabolic” stimulus: partial reps, which should be performed ONLY after the failure of the 7-8th repetition, without excluding movements with an excursion In total, even with a pre-stretch of 1-2 seconds.

After the failure of the 7-8th rep, you rest for 20 seconds, perform 1 full repetition, for example, when pressing on the chest, fully extend your arms, arms do not return to the chest, (which we will do to complete the full excursion ), but about halfway.
The more limited the excursion, the easier.

The usefulness of partial reps associated with multiple pauses is to continue training for that part of the muscle that can still be trained, but that would not have been trained additionally, if we ended the series with a “simple” classic surrender, then eat for 7-8 reps with full excursion.

Why are partial reps associated with so-called “multiple pauses”?
To intensely and tremendously stimulate muscles such as the pectoral muscles at greater depth and fiber placement.

Why are they called multiple breaks?
Because after doing 3-5 partial reps we reached the second failure; You rest for another 20-30 seconds and do another 2-3 partial reps, clenching your teeth, with maximum concentration.

In general, this “series of macros” consists of the following elements:

1st failure on the 7th repetition – 20 seconds of rest – 1 full excursion, followed by 3-5 partial reps (yielding to the 3-5th repetition) – another 30 seconds of rest or enough to complete 1 full excursion ; thus doing 2-3 more partial reps, if necessary, with even less excursion than the first time.

This combined system then requires at least 5 minutes of rest, after which another exercise can be performed to complement the exercise already performed, always in the order described above (if chest press was performed), after the necessary rest. the chest machine is performed, and after another 5-10 minutes of rest, 8-10 repetitions of the Pull-Over, modified on the Lat machine, are performed.

You can start, for example, 2 “macro series” for CHEST PRESS and 1 macro series for the breast machine, or vice versa. Sometimes in the 2nd macro series, if you feel overweight, in order to correctly perform the described procedure, simply load the weight by 15-20% (NO MORE, if necessary, this means that additional minutes of rest are needed), For example: if we do the bench press from a breast weighing 100 kg, 15 kg will be unloaded.

– Here is a workout for mass, more constant over time, obtained in a NATURAL way. –

It takes about 6 months with this system (with a “hard” workout 20-30 minutes) to get more consistent results, and perhaps not with maximum clarity.


The muscle pain that follows this type of workout is due to many factors, including micro-tearing of the muscles; it can last from 2 to 5 days, if it is not well tolerated, it means “it has gone too far”; YOU SHOULD NOT LEARN UNLESS THE MUSCLE PAIN IS GOOD PRESENT.

The RAPID volume training is also similar to the definition training (before summer).
This is a concept of stimulus for training, which is completely opposite to the one previously reported.

In this case, as a rule, up to 3-4 exercises are performed per muscle group, but each exercise is performed in 3 series, each series consists of 12-20 repetitions (depending on the type of muscle fibers).

Thus, the work is terribly different from the “winter” work, which, despite the extremely intense work, has a limited duration (15-20 minutes), following the method of training only 1 main muscle group in one session.

Before starting summer workouts with local work for at least 30-45 minutes, it is necessary to pump blood as much as possible, as well as burn fat, which does not allow relieving muscle load. When genetics plays a lot, in fact, there are those who easily define themselves, and those who instead have to resort to certain additives to determine, electrical stimulation to determine the effect, weight loss, local lipolysis, cosmetics to burn fat, etc.

Always among the definition techniques, we should include “SUPER-SET AGONISTS”, that is, 2 exercises (1 multiarticular + 1 additional), performed below without rest and always for the same muscle group

A diet should never be private and cause suffering: a little hypocaloric regime is enough, otherwise there will be no energy for an active life, a person is nervous or, conversely, apathetic.

– With the global system, we get a good definition, provided that it interests us in a healthy way, even with vitality and health that doping definitely cannot offer. –

For combat sports (street fighter), as well as for a pleasant, but strong and energetic physique, both systems (“winter weight” and “pre-summer definition”) must be used, and not only to get benefits more suitable for the season , but also DO NOT JUSTIFY THE BODY TO ONE STIMULUS OF LEARNING. Thus, more than thinking about one “modern style of thinking” is necessary to understand that changing the typology of the training stimulus, however, is fundamental and physiologically necessary, as well as useful for “aesthetic” purposes; in fact, I think every reader wants the best clarity in the summer.

Why not always train for maximum clarity?
When you are truly natural, you cannot do the workout (PRE-LOVE), which, using lighter weights, allows Equality of exercise implies a long time to complete the entire session: at least 30-60 minutes versus 15-30 minutes of intense training “constant winter weight”.

To define, in addition to “summer” training with many series, many repetitions and more exercise, compared to winter training, aerobic activity is necessary, which also improved cardiovascular function: the ideal is not a debilitating fast in the morning, as still recommended by some experts; the actual result of this method, which is used in the hope of “losing weight”, is to stay tired all day, easier to be attacked by “stressors” at work, in the family, etc. Aerobic activity that does not destroy the body, such as exhausting jogging is a pleasant brisk walk about 30 minutes 3-4 times a week or a bike ride.
During cardiovascular activity, ALWAYS USE Heart Rate Meter to optimize and personalize your aerobic performance by slowing down or resting if you are outside your ideal heart rate range.

Work for DETERMINATION REQUIRES MORE AVAILABLE TIME THANKS TO WINTER TRAINING, asking ordinary busy people about such a demanding time commitment is not operational-practical, but only theoretical. On the other hand, it is likely that, at least for many of us, it is possible to increase the time devoted to body care in 2-3 months; therefore, 2 types of WINTER and FOOT workouts can be done between the two seasons.
Destructive, exhausting and harmful hunger races dramatically increase adrenaline and cortisol levels, in addition to being free from food. a large and dangerous amount of free radicals, which are responsible for the complete degeneration of the body, contribute to the general aging of the body, wrinkled and faded skin, including typical of various large and alloyed bodybuilders, even 40 years old, myocardial infarction, potentially also cancer, etc.

And cortisol?
I don’t get tired of putting it back: under severe and chronic stress, it promotes the formation of visceral-abdominal fat.
As you already know, higher than usual cortisol not only prevents muscle growth, it ALSO SPREADS MUSCLES ALREADY FORMED WITH MANY VICTIMS! In addition to this, we find publications with completely incorrect scientific messages: in the journal of extreme physical education, we find written in an article on how to keep cortisol in check: “zero carbs in the morning or almost”; IT’S ALL POSSIBLE!

Anyone who tends to or has high cortisol levels should have a good breakfast balanced with high carbohydrates in the morning, otherwise further increases in cortisol levels are very likely to trigger gluconeogenesis (muscle breakdown to produce glucose). ).
Once again, science, good-natured, helps us understand what is right and what is wrong … even these “experts” can understand this, but first they have to study a little endocrinology and physiology.
A conversation with the university professors of the current information chaos, the fact that the one who divulges, in the world of “suitability and contiguity”, often has no formal scientific qualifications and / or has not researched in this sector, I was these scientists, replied: “invite them to conferences like those which we hold “(prestigious scientific conferences).

In this post I have tried to use simple language that is different from “congress”, strictly scientific.
My goal is to publicize and sincerely help as many people as possible who are convinced that when you are healthy, “outside” “You feel good on the inside and vice versa. To conclude this section, add the following: yes, it is important to strive for a good definition, but it is also important to have the right muscle mass in order to practice your favorite sport.

This is why DEVELOPED FITNESS FIGER STREET training is based on the “winter” and “pre-summer” training periods, as well as the change in repetition rate during the strength and mass periods. This mode does not increase mass (ideally it is usually 2-4 seconds), but develops a certain force for explosive power shots with a “devastating” effect.
A good martial artist who had a violent altercation with a large and alloyed bodybuilder who is confident because he is “huge”, he would be amazed at how they seem to allow themselves to hit repeatedly. The reason is simple to understand: a huge doped person cannot react when struck 3 times per second. Which of the 2 physicists is better? .. Useless question.

– Training with different diversification of weight turns out to be the BEST COMPROMISE for obtaining a satisfactory physique and performance. –

Muscle, however, does not develop without optimal calorie intake. The rational and scientific use of the latest generation of pharmaceutical grade food supplements is essential, as well as a natural alternative to doping.

I still remember some of them effective in physiological reality:

  • creatine pyruvate (macromolecule is more effective than simple creatine)
  • carnarin (buffers lactic acid, detoxifies, improves concentration, etc.)
  • pure ribose (aids in the creation of ATP and therefore explosive energy)
  • acetyl-1-carnitine + l-carnitine in association (multiple actions that provide greater recovery and detoxification beyond the use of fatty acids for energy)
  • amino acid blend
  • macro-mineral molecules
  • vitamins
  • herbal extracts with antioxidant, detoxifying, firming action

Nutritional supplements used scientifically in biological types may thus be a valid alternative to doping, but they do not disrupt the body, pushing it beyond its physiological limits, like doping substances, on the contrary, additives optimize the physiological mechanisms of recovery synthesis of protein, glycogen, reduce the formation of toxins and free radicals, also helping to “get rid” of these harmful structures. Anabolic steroids increase and disrupt normal physiological mechanisms, so muscle development is faster and not comparable to that which can be obtained using natural supplements that optimize normal physiology in a healthy way.

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