Natural Body Building: Hypertrophy and Enhanced Performance




10 patients aged 20 to 45 years, 5 men and 5 women, testified about the results and sensations within 2 months. months “Observatory”.

10 Subjects, all in their careers and in life, spontaneously decided to use the association of the following “super-substances”: L-acetyl-carnitine, creatine, glutamine, A.A. Branch, O.K.G. (Ornithina alfa Keto Glutarato), Zinc and Tribulus Terrestris .
А.А. Low-dose “Basic substances” are considered branched, and among the high-dose ones – “Super”. Dosages were set by the subjects themselves based on morphological biotype and type of adherence in both sports and daily life.

PRACTICAL SPORT: fitness, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga.


  • Reduce post-workout recovery time or workout “to the max” by reducing the classic fatigue that occurs on the following days, both at work and at home.
  • Promote muscle development, strengthening and toning.
  • Increase your training efficiency (more determination, strength, etc.) and your efficiency and brilliance at work.

Materials and dosages, recruitment methods and methods: it is repeated that these parameters were determined by the subjects themselves based on specific personal needs.
used the following dosages for each specific supplement:

  • L-Acetylcarnitine : 1-3 g per day; 0.6-1.6 g in the morning; 0.6-1.6 g early afternoon.
  • A.A. Branched ( BCAA): 5 to 30 g per day, according to various personalized regimens.
  • Tribulus terrestris : (1-2g in the morning; 1-2g for lunch or split between before and after training

In order to facilitate partial sublingual absorption, some patients have opened capsules by holding the extracts in their mouth for as long as possible (1-2 minutes).

  • ZINCO : 18-36 mg per day, divided as follows: 9-18 mg after breakfast, 9-18 mg after lunch, others 9-18 mg (only for strength types sports) after training along with a general cocktail after training.
  • CREATINE : 3-20 grams per day divided with meals and ((for B.B. only) in a post-workout shake.
  • GLUTAMINE + Glutamine Peptide + AKG : 10-20 days a day divided into 3 main meals and a post-workout shake
  • OKG : 5-10 grams per day, divided by 2-3 grams after breakfast, 2-3 grams after lunch, 4-5 grams between before and after work.

O.K.G. it is theoretically necessary to take it on an empty stomach to optimize absorption, but on a practical-empirical-experimental level this procedure results in a drop in energy during exercise. The above scheme is a good practical compromise between the “ammonia subtraction” effect and the anti-catabolic effect. Added a magnesium supplement that works in tandem with zinc.

Post-Workout Cocktail Notes
The most delicate stage, which determines the result of the training just carried out, is the stage after training. We can consider this stage as a set of several “sub-stages” lasting 2-8 hours. Immediately after training, for a period that can last up to 24 hours, the body should be fed approximately every 2.5 hours with protein, amino acids and low but repeated doses of creatine and glutamine (see dosages already described). Immediately after training, you should take all the substances described in this study, as well as hydrolyzed proteins and glucose, and drink plenty of water in small sips (about 500 ml). Therefore, the life of a natural Bodybuilder or “dedicated” athlete is necessarily celebrated at a certain time as a “ritual”.

Proven Results
Within 2 months the participants spontaneously recorded and verbally testified about the results and all psychophysical impressions.

The most common average results are:

  • more strength and recovery between one set and another in about 15 days after taking all the appropriate supplements
  • greater recovery of strength the day after training with a relative reduction in lethargy, as reported by various subjects the day after a hard training session before taking Super Substances
  • less shortness of breath and reduced feelings of exhaustion during exercise. Various subjects testified that after about 1-2 months “Global Integration” ended with muscle wasting, but with “rapidly growing” morale and with a pleasant sensation of positive euphoria: the feeling of muscle wasting generally decreases, within 1-4 hours to as long as the post-workout cocktail is described.

Empirically observed benefits by dr. A. Jelly, but did not testify
You quickly get used to feeling good, to greater strength and enthusiasm; therefore, often the subjects may forget some of the sensations 1-2 months before, however, the undersigned registered. After about 2 months of “Global Integration” (all additions to the association are accepted regularly), the work schedule for the study of subjects has changed. The style I taught them is a combination of advanced but always high intensity techniques, with 3-4 workouts per week for 30 minutes, including warm up. The pain and burning sensation of the last 2-3 repetitions is more acceptable, the gaze is more aggressive during the extreme repetition and the “feeling of challenge” is manifested. More concentration and determination is observed. I knew all the subjects even before “observational research”, including their way of teaching. The global integration and learning regime described here constitute a psychophysical system tuned to a bio-type. Morphological.
This synergy has produced results that are likely comparable to those that can be obtained with low doses of anabolic steroids, with the benefit of maintaining health. The naturally occurring molecules described here have been known for decades in the pharmaceutical field, have been studied for a long time, and of course are not dangerous because they have beneficial effects. The opposite is true for hormones, steroids, etc .; (doping): the latter, in addition to being harmful, however, provide (wonderful) results only temporarily, and then, on a mental level, approve of depression, dissatisfaction, etc., when they are withdrawn.
This “Global Integration “It can be a step towards a concrete alternative to doping, a useful step of great ethical and social importance.

Side or side effects
The following conditions have been reported within 2 months:

  • Diarrhea, resolved with plenty of water. Some subjects created solutions so hypertonic that they ended up causing diarrhea. It is also recommended to increase your rice intake and to properly dose creatine and glutamine. Excess produces the effects described above.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders treated by splitting supplements throughout the day or by reducing doses. High doses of L-acetylcarnitine (3 g) can cause heartburn (a burning sensation in the stomach).
  • Feeling of cramps in the abdomen and burning sensation in the stomach: 2-3 people attribute such diseases to L-acetyl-carnitine, which, however, disappear with a massage of the abdomen and drinking water. Then the disorder was followed by a “liberating” rush without evacuation. This disorder disappeared with prolonged consumption, but was divided by 0.6 g at a time or with dose reduction and when taken orally on a full stomach.

The best and modern teaching strategies, even if they are personalized, cannot force the practitioner to maximize psychophysiological and physical potential. Indeed, various modern innovative and intensive natural methods of training muscle hyperplasia and hypertrophy are directly “born” with the use of “super substances”, because, as experience shows empirically, without these effective molecules of extreme intensity it is not readily available, since it is impossible to reduce the unpleasant sensations of fatigue the day after training. So I repeat that the winning move lies in the workout-supplement-rest synergy, with no hope of becoming “giants” in a few months.
The study was supposed to last at least 3-4 months, and it would be helpful if the sponsorship made blood tests free of charge to various medical practitioners before and after the study; I emphasize that after two months of integration, the positive effects gradually decreased. 1 month after completing the study, practitioners showed a significant difference compared to the pilgrimage period and the desire to summarize the “Super Substances”.

The biochemistry and physiology of various super substances have not been considered here, including the various tonic (psychophysiological) effects on mood.
For several years I have studied this field scientifically ; only recently have these studies been confirmed by some of the leading companies. I can mention that a few years ago I sent various “observational findings” to a renowned multinational pharmaceutical company on the L-Carnitine Plus L-Acetyl-Carnitine Association, encouraging more research into sports and anti-stress strategies.
Despite many contacts and promises, none of the research I proposed started.
Today’s consumer audience is much more numerous than it was then; therefore, companies place greater emphasis on research in order to test the specific usefulness of various substances, discard the unnecessary and uncover the effective ones. All this as a natural alternative to “doping” in “amateur” bodybuilding and to protect the psychophysical health of the consumer.

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